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  • Winners of the Essay Prize, to present May 5, 2014. Details below.
  • Gillian Russell presenting “Hume’s Law and Other Barriers to Implication”, at the CUNY Graduate Center, March 3, 2014. (Photo: Adriana Renero)
  • Attendees at “Hume’s Law and Other Barriers to Implication”, at the CUNY Graduate Center, March 3, 2014. (Photo: Adriana Renero)
  • Lisa Miracchi presenting at SWIP-Analytic, November 11, 2013. (Photo: Adriana Renero)
  • Attendees at “A Virtue Aistheology”, the CUNY Graduate Center, November 11, 2013. (Photo: Adriana Renero)


SWIP-Analytic is a branch of the New York Society for Women in Philosophy dedicated to providing a forum for women in the New York area working in language, mind, metaphysics, logic, ethics, epistemology, and philosophy of science. It strives to continue NYSWIP’s commitment to being resource for all women in philosophy in the New York area. Presentations are open to all and are made monthly by invited faculty and students selected from paper calls. Each year SWIP-Analytic awards the SWIP-Analytic Essay Prize. The winners are invited to present at our final meeting in the spring.

SWIP-Analytic is organized by Lauren Alpert, Marilynn Johnson, Kathryn Pendoley, and Adriana Renero from CUNY and Arden Koehler from NYU.

SWIP-Analytic is made possible through the generous support of NYU’s New York Institute of Philosophy, The CUNY Graduate Center Office of the Provost, The John H. Kornblith Family Chair, and The CUNY Graduate Center Department of Philosophy.

SWIP-Analytic was founded Fall 2013 by Chloé Cooper Jones , Zoe Jenkin, Marilynn Johnson, and Katherine Tullmann.

Everyone (men & women, philosophers & non-philosophers) is welcome at our public events. Please contact us at swipanalytic@gmail.com to discuss possible accessibility accommodations if needed.


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