2014-2015 Year in Review & Future Plans

2014-2015 was the second year for SWIP-Analytic, a branch of the New York Society for Women in Philosophy dedicated to providing a forum for women in the New York area working in language, mind, metaphysics, logic, ethics, epistemology, and philosophy of science. Our presentations are open to all and are made by invited female faculty and students selected from paper calls. Events are held at CUNY and NYU in New York City. This past year SWIP-Analytic has hosted a number of faculty speakers, a student essay prize, a panel on women in philosophy featuring a talk on the Imposter Syndrome by a clinical psychologist, and presented at the Hypatia/APA conference on women in philosophy at Villanova University.


Last year, the SWIP-Analytic organizers were Lisa Miracchi from NYU, and Marilynn Johnson, Kate Pendoley, and Katherine Tullmann from CUNY. Our sponsors are NYU’s New York Institute of Philosophy, the CUNY Graduate Center Office of the Provost, the CUNY Graduate Center Department of Philosophy, and the John H. Kornblith Family Chair at the CUNY Graduate Center. We are extremely grateful that all of our sponsors have committed to supporting our project through its third year, and that NYIP and the Graduate Center Provost provided additional funding this year so we could attend the Hypatia/APA conference. Thanks also to Oxford University Press, the Graduate Center Committee for Science Studies, and the Graduate Center DSC for additional support.

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Our first presentation of the academic year was by Professor Jessica Moss (NYU) on “Dual Systems in 400 BC: Plato and the Origins of Contemporary Psychology” at CUNY. Her talk was followed by our reception and Fall Kickoff Mixer where Vivian Feldblyum (McGill) treated us to a performance of her philosophy songs, such as her “Deductive Logic Love Song”. We also held a raffle with prizes generously provided by Oxford University Press. Next we hosted Professor Deirdre Wilson (UCL/CSMN) who presented “Irony, hyperbole, jokes and banter: What should a theory of verbal irony aim to explain?“ at NYU.

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Our final event of the fall was a session entitled “Women in Philosophy: Publishing, Jobs, & Fitting In” that began with an informal roundtable featuring Professor Jessica Gordon-Roth (Lehman) and SWIP-Analytic Organizers Lisa Miracchi (NYU/Penn) and Katie Tullmann (CUNY). Our panelists discussed work habits, publishing, and job searches, among other things. Marilynn Johnson (CUNY) moderated. This was followed by a presentation by Predoctoral Fellow in Clinical Psychology Alice Mangan of the CUNY Wellness Center on Imposter Syndrome. Spring semester kicked off with “Reverse Sobel Sequences in Static Semantics” by Professor Karen Lewis (Columbia) at NYU, followed with “Why are some kinds historical and others not?” by Professor Laura Franklin-Hall (NYU) at CUNY. Our last event of the spring featured a talk by the winner of the 2015 SWIP-Analytic Graduate Student Essay Prize, Rebecca Traynor (CUNY) of her “Accurate Representation is Accurate Distortion” at NYU. Thanks to all these speakers for their presentations and support of our group.


In addition to these events hosted by SWIP-Analytic, organizers Marilynn Johnson and Kate Pendoley presented a talk entitled “Women in Analytic Philosophy” at a conference jointly hosted by Hypatia and the APA, “Exploring Collaborative Contestations”, at Villanova University, May 28-30, 2015. The event was held in conjunction with the APA Committee on the Status of Women Diversity Conference. We had an opportunity to present our group to a wide audience and were able to make some important connections that we will continue to develop for future possible collaborations. Thanks to the New York Institute of Philosophy at NYU and the Provost at the CUNY Graduate Center for additional funding in support of our travels and to Hypatia Editor Sally Shultz for inviting SWIP-Analytic to present at the conference.


We have a number of esteemed presenters lined up to present next year including Susanna Siegel (Harvard) on Monday September 14 from 5:00-7:00 at NYU and Michele Moody-Adams (Columbia) on Monday October 5 from 5:00-7:00. We plan on holding another roundtable and Imposter Syndrome panel in November. For news of all these events please see our website, swipanalytic.org, or follow us on twitter @swipanalytic.

To top it all off, other developments for next year include the addition of three new organizers to our team. Marilynn Johnson and Kate Pendoley will be joined next year by Lauren Alpert and Adriana Renero, PhD students at CUNY, and Arden Koehler, a PhD student at NYU. One of our past organizers, Lisa Miracchi, starts a position at Penn next year and has plans to begin a SWIP-Analytic, Philly branch. Stay tuned for more information on this new branch next year. 2015-2016 promises to be an exciting year as we expand on our past successes and strive to reach wider audiences. We look forward to what the year will bring!

Keep an eye on our website, swipanalytic.org, for news of future events.

Marilynn Johnson,

On behalf of SWIP-Analytic

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