Upcoming Presentations


Monday, September 8th, 2014
Talk: 5-7 PM, Room 5414
Mixer: 7-8 PM, Room 7113

Professor Jessica Moss (NYU) will present at SWIP-Analytic Monday, September 8th from 5:00-7:00 PM at the Graduate Center, CUNY. Her talk title is “Dual Systems in 400 BC: Plato and the Origins of Contemporary Psychology“.

Abstract: Proponents of contemporary Dual Systems psychology – the view that we have in some sense two minds, one responsible for automatic, associative, intuitive processing, and the other for controlled, inferential, deliberative processing – have sometimes recognized that there are ancient roots to their view.  I will argue that we should in fact credit Plato with anticipating this contemporary view in striking, almost comprehensive detail, and also that the contemporary view both illuminates and vindicates Plato’s much-misunderstood notions of parts of the soul and of rationality.

Listen to Jessica Moss interview “Plato and Aristotle on Weakness of Will” on Philosophy Bites

Mixer: Our first presentation of the fall by Jessica Moss will be followed by a SWIP-Analytic Fall Kickoff Mixer featuring philosophy songs written and performed by Vivian Feldblyum. Vivian will be visiting us from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, where she is a philosophy student. We will also have a special prize to give away at the mixer generously provided by Oxford University Press.

Deductive Love Song by Vivian Feldblyum:


bw.fwMonday, October 13th, 2014, 5-7 PM

Professor Deirdre Wilson (UCL/CSMN) will present at SWIP-Analytic Monday, October 13th from 5:00 – 7:00 at New York University, in the first floor auditorium, room 101, 5 Washington Place. She will discuss a recent trend that treats jokes, sarcasm, banter and hyperbole as forms of irony,




laura franklin-hallSpring 2015

Professor Laura Franklin-Hall (NYU) will present at SWIP-Analytic Spring 2015. Her presentation is tentatively titled “Natural Kinds as Categorical Bottlenecks.”





http://www.3ammagazine.com/3am/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/faculty_siegel.jpgSpring 2015

Professor Susanna Siegel (Harvard) will present at SWIP-Analytic Spring 2015.





villanovaSpring 2015

SWIP-Analytic will be hosting a session at the Hypatia conference, Exploring Collaborative Contestations, Villanova University, May 28-30, 2015. The event will be held in conjunction with the APA Committee on the Status of Women Diversity Conference. Details of our session will be announced by January 2015. View the event CFP here.



Everyone (men & women, philosophers & non-philosophers) is welcome at our public events. Please contact us at swipanalytic@gmail.com to discuss possible accessibility accommodations if needed.


 SWIP-Analytic is a branch of the New York Society for Women in Philosophy dedicated to providing a forum for women in the New York area working on language, mind, metaphysics, logic, ethics, epistemology, and philosophy of science. It strives to continue NYSWIP’s commitment to being resource for all women in philosophy in the New York area.


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